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Are you an online or high street retailer, an existing distributor of branded products with a strong presence in your country or a dynamic individual looking for an opportunity?

We are seeking partners globally to represent our brand(s) including Blowdom and have tiered options as well as the technology to support your efforts in promotion of our products. Full retail point of sale is available for counter top PDQ and all are EPOS ready with EAN-13 barcodes, which retailers demand alongside good retail margins.

If you think your company can deliver a mutual partnership and the service levels required, send us an email with your details to open a dialogue.

We offer wholesale packs and retail packs via our own website and existing distributors if you simply wish to make a purchase for resale, just click the link below. Contact details are shown at the central site in each country as applicable for any wholesale enquiries.


Purchase Online @ Naughty Originals (Secure Site) or Appointed Distributor in your Country About Blowdom Condoms Delivery Information & Options Distribution & Retail Opportunity

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